How long will my treatment take?

A word about treatment times.

Patients starting orthodontic treatment want to know how long the treatment will be. It is a fair question that deserves a better answer than the most common answer.

The most common estimate of treatment length is about 24 months.

But that estimate varies widely depending on patient cooperation, individual response, and difficulty of treatment. Patients are understandably frustrated and disappointed when their treatment lasts longer than expected.

The average estimate in the United States is 24 months, the true length of treatment is 27 months! Three months longer than estimated!

Now the good news: with Dr. Carr’s experience and his use of technology like indirect bonding, SureSmile for braces, and Invisalign, Dr. Carr’s average treatment time is just 21 months! That is 6 months faster than the national average and three months sooner than the most common estimate.

If you are interested in using the most advanced technology to improve your results and shorten your treatment time up to 6 months less than regular treatment times, give our office a call for your complimentary evaluation.