Braces or aligners or both? Hybrid orthodontic treatment

Some patients want Invisalign but may have conditions that really need braces for a short period of time. If your dentist or another orthodontist has told you that you cannot have Invisalign that is when we use Hybrid treatment.

What is Hybrid treatment exactly? It is combining the use of clear aligners from Invisalign, with short durations of cosmetic clear braces to maximize esthetics and minimize the appearance of the braces. The clear braces are used in situations where they are more efficient than aligners.

Typically the clear braces are only needed for a few months at either the beginning of Invisalign treatment. Occasionally braces are only needed on a few teeth and can be hidden in the back of the mouth where it is likely not to be noticed at all by friends or colleagues. If brackets do need to be placed towards the front of your mouth we utilize the most esthetic braces available today: 3M clarity brackets.

By using this combo approach many adults and aesthetically driven adolescents will not need to compromise on either their final function or aesthetic results. Hybrid orthodontic treatment can provide the best possible functional and aesthetic smile outcomes without compromise.