Tips on Choosing an Invisalign provider

Invisalign has become a popular option for many adults and teens today for many reasons. Invisalign may fit your lifestyle better than traditional braces. If you are involved in music, sports (teens) or public speaking (adults) this option may appeal to you.

Treatment is planned out in advance by the orthodontist allowing a smoother treatment experience with fewer appointments now often 10 or more weeks apart and often with shorter total treatment time. Digital 3D scans now replace old fashioned impressions to capture your bite. This removes a common source of anxiety among patients.

Questions to ask when choosing an Invisalign provider:

Are they an orthodontist? Orthodontists are dentists with 2 or more additional years of university training. There is a reason for the specialty. Trust your smile to a specialist for the best results. Your orthodontist will work with your dentist to coordinate your treatment.

What is their experience? If your dentist or orthodontist “dabbles” in Invisalign, you may not get the most from your treatment. Check the provider’s tier level on the find an Invisalign provider page. Bronze, silver and Gold level providers submit these cases with a lower frequency than Platinum level providers and above. There are a lot of nuances to this treatment protocol (they are not just clear braces), your provider’s experience is an important part of your experience.

Do they use the iTero element 2 scanner? This digital scanner allows your orthodontist to submit your scan digitally. It is more accurate than impressions and faster. Beyond the initial scan, this scanner allows us to do 3D simulations at your initial consultation to help you see what your smile might look like after treatment. This scanner also allows future comparisons to your plan for progress assessments and it also will show us your occlusion (bite) for a better assessment. Knowledge is power and this scanner is the gateway to knowledge regarding your case.

Do they include refinements in the treatment plan and cost? Refinements are when the first course of aligners are completed, a new scan is taken and resubmitted for additional treatment planning and aligners. You rarely get 100% of the first Invisalign plan and this step is a critical quality control step. This is the opportunity to go from better to great! It is also the time for the patient to offer their input into their treatment progress. Many offices do not offer refinements or they charge additional for this service.

Dr. Guthrie Carr is greater Lafayette’s and the Purdue area’s only Platinum level orthodontist offering Invisalign. Dr. Carr uses the iTero element 2 scanner to offer his patients the best experience including refinements in your case.

Getting the smile you’ve been wanting has never been easier! If you are considering orthodontic treatment for you or your children give our office a call to schedule your complimentary evaluation.