Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

Technology continues to evolve that allows Dr. Carr to evaluate, monitor and communicate with patients

Recently we implemented the amazing new Grin Scope technology.

Grin Scope allows Dr. Carr to visualize patient malocclusions and treatment progress remotely.

We now offer Virtual Consultations using the Grin Scope from the comfort of your own home, on your own time schedule for Dr. Carr to review.

This platform allows you to take your own scans from home. Dr. Carr can make an initial evaluation if treatment is indicated in your case without the need an in-office visit.

If treatment is indicated, an in-office appointment will be scheduled for us to take the needed records to finalize your diagnosis and treatment plan.

At this appointment, we will provide you with information about your diagnosis, treatment plan and the cost of treatment as well as additional explanations on the course of your treatment.

The value of the Grin Scope does not stop there! While in treatment you can continue to use the Grin Scope to take a short 1 minute scan of yourself or child every 2-3 weeks for Dr. Carr to review.

These scans are valuable for teens and children in treatment to monitor tooth brushing, oral hygiene, breakage of brace, and rubber band compliance.

Invisalign patients can also decrease the number of in-office visits by taking scans every two weeks during treatment.

Many busy adults and university students and teens can reduce the number and frequency of in-office visits to once every three months or more using the Grin Scope.

We have had several adults and graduate students that wanted to begin orthodontic treatment that knew they would be moving in a year.

These patients were able to finish their course of orthodontic treatment using remote monitoring and avoid having to transfer to another orthodontist.

Who are virtual consultations suited for?

Virtual consultations are suited for tech savvy individuals or families who have a smart phone with a good working camera. Users need to be able to download and install the app from an app store (Android or Apple) and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

There is a small technology fee for the Grin Scope which is $25(we can mail it to you or you can pick it up at the office).

Dr. Carr’s time and evaluation are complimentary (his gift to you). You pay for the grin scope and Dr. Carr pays the Grin platform subscription fees.

If you start orthodontic treatment in our office, we will credit the $25 toward your fee.

To start now, click the Virtual Consultation Link. After you fill out the request form our office will contact you to register you as a patient and collect your grin scope fee. After you open the grin scope app you will be prompted to answer a few short questions as well as to send some facial photos to compliment the scan of your teeth.

We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve been wanting!