Pediatric Airway Diagnosis and Treatment

Does your child have trouble in school? Do they snore?

Many bright children experiencing behavioral problems and difficulty in school may have sleep disorders caused by airway issues. Only a sleep doctor can diagnose problems such as pediatric sleep apnea, but when the airway on a child is small it can result in sleep apnea and poor sleep. The airway size can often be improved with expansion of the dental arches allowing the tongue to posture forward and open the airway in the pharynx and improve sleep.

Dr. Carr’s ultra low dose 3D scanner will allow him to visualize many hidden problems including an airway analysis in just seconds. Combining this technology with Dr. Carr’s 25 years of experience you will know if your child needs early intervention or can wait until adolescence for a single treatment with braces.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have their first orthodontic exam by age 7. Our ultra low dose 3D scanner allows us to do an airway analysis for your child  in conjunction with our examination.