Invisalign, it’s not just for adults anymore!

Invisalign teen is now a great option for many active teens.


For the past two years I have been quietly treating teens with Invisalign whose parents request it. 

Why do the parents ask for Invisalign teen?  Invisalign Teen is a unique treatment course that will allow dedicated patients to have shorter treatment with fewer visits than those patients with braces (Don’t get me wrong I still love the precision of Suresmile in my practice and it affords me the greatest amount of control in treatment).

Invisalign Teen is well suited for teens who are focused and dedicated to their school work, sports and music.  Invisalign teen will often allow me to have a greater length between appointments and thus fewer appointments.

What are the drawbacks?  Well compliance is an issue.  If your Teen constantly has to be reminded to do things and procrastinates then braces with the precision of Suresmile may be our best route to success.

I was recently invited by Invisalign to participate in the Invisalign Teen Summit in California based on the amount of teen cases I am treating.  What we found was that overall teens are as good as or better than adults in the aligner compliance department.  That follows my experience.  In the past two years I have had to convert two adults to braces, but only one teen for poor compliance.

If you would like to consider Invisalign Teen for your child, give our office a call to schedule a complimentary evaluation.  Our impression free scanner will allow us to capture a digital image of their bite and do a simulation to show you what we can do to improve their smile.