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I know you market your practice with the tagline “Tradition, Technology and Experience’. Tell me about that?
Well the tradition portion refers to my families’ heritage as dentists in Greater Lafayette. We have over 100 years of continuous practice! If your family is from greater Lafayette, there is a good chance that I, my father, my uncle or my grandfather has treated someone in your family I take that tradition very seriously in our relationships with our patients. We value the trust the community has placed in our family over the past 100 years. Technology refers to the changes that are available to let orthodontist improve the patient experience. Not every orthodontic practice embraces new technology.
Why is that?
Technology can be very expensive, it can disrupt the rhythm of office workflows and it takes time to learn and master. I have invested in newer technologies that provide better information for diagnosis and treatment. This allows for shorter more comfortable treatment and improved results.
Tell about these technologies?
Firstly, our ultra-low dose ICAT 3D scanner is amazing. It allows me to get a 3D scan of a patient with less exposure than a digital panorex which is the most common orthodontic X-ray. It is not uncommon for me to find information that was not seen on a previous traditional X-ray. I can sublimit this ultra-low dose scan to a third party who will turn it into a dynamic model. This is useful in pretreatment simulations for early treatment expansion, surgery cases, cases that might need restorations or implants when the orthodontic part of the treatment is finished. It is a great learning tool for me and a great communication tool for the patient and their dentist. We also offer digital video scanning that replaces traditional impressions. This allows us to send information digitally to labs we work with like Invisalign and Suresmile.
You offer Invisalign? Tell me about that?
When Invisalign first was introduced, I did not offer it because I did not think the product could deliver on expectations, recently Invisalign has made a lot progress in their implementation of new technologies. I am now confident that Invisalign is a great choice for a variety of problems. I have spent a lot of time in continuing education learning the nuances of their technology and how to best apply it for each individual case.
What is Suresmile?
Suresmile is a fantastic technology that allows me to use the 3D scans we take and create a dynamic model of my patients. I can see their teeth, roots, bone, and the braces. I can even link their model to their smile photo. This allows me to simulate the desired final result with more information than is available in conventional orthodontic treatment. From this plan I prescribe custom wires that are bent robotically for to maximize their accuracy. These custom wires allow me to make the simulations come true. After I simulate the final result I can design the final smile using the photo linked to the model. This is very powerful because often the smile is why our patients come to us, the bite and the function is what orthodontists are focused on. With Suresmile I can optimize both. Oh yeah, it also shortens treatment. Patients love that.
What about the experience?
As an orthodontic specialist I have two years of additional education beyond dental school focused solely orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. I have been in practice for over 25 years. I am actively involved in my professional societies and meetings to learn both the science and the technologies that effect our diagnosis and treatment planning.
What else would you tell someone about your orthodontic practice?

I have a wonderful staff who are fun and talented and really engaged with our patients and their families in the office. They really make the office environment a great place. We love our patients and I think our patients would say it shows.

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We are located in University Square at 500 Sagamore Parkway West in WL. from crew carwash and Dog & Suds. Ph: 765.497.6453, we are on Facebook,

At the end of the day, our real reward is who we helped.
Orthodontics can change lives, particularly in children who gain confidence and smile more after their treatment is complete. Our greatest compliment is the referral of family and friends from our patients. Many patients have chosen to reward us with 5 star reviews. We are gratified by our patient’s referrals and their kind words.
Below are some recent comments posted by our patients:
Lafayette, IN | Aug 11, 2016
My daughter had a great experience at Dr. Carr’s office. She loved everyone there and was always treated kindly and with respect. We never had to wait for any of her appointments~ they were always ready for her! Dr. Carr always explained things thoroughly and made sure we understood different options that were available.
-Julia in Lafayette, IN | Apr 06, 2016
Dr. Carr is not only an extremely knowledgeable orthodontist but one that also develops relationships with his patients that make their visits pleasant and enjoyable.
-Jill S.  in Lafayette, Indiana | May 01, 2016
I had a wonderful experience my smile is beautiful Dr. Carr and his staff was very friendly and did a wonderful job on my teeth! Thank you everyone!
-Sarah W in West Lafayette, IN | May 18, 2016
I have sent both my kids to Dr. Carr for braces and had excellent results. Both went through his Sure Smile system and were done in 14-15 months.
Lafayette, IN | Jul 027, 2016
The level of care is excellent. The saying you get what you pay for is confirmed in this situation. Your staff is always so polite. I find it refreshing to see an office full of women get along and handle themselves so comfortably with one another. Sara is always a joy to be around!!! And today I met a lady who probably handled my impressions. It says a lot about Dr Carr’s character that 40+ years later she is still in the same spot doing the same thing!
Lafayette, IN | Jul 27, 2016
My daughter feels comfortable enough to leave me in the waiting room while she has her procedures and check ups. The staff is friendly, professional, and helpful, and I feel good about the investment we’ve made in our daughter’s health!
-Susan Z in West Lafayette, IN | Nov 11, 2015
Dr Carr and his entire staff were very professional, very prompt and very informative at each appointment. My sons teeth turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Dr Carr came very highly recommended to us by our dentist and I would definitely recommend Dr Carr to friends and family.
-Ann S in Lafayette, IN | Dec 08, 2015
Dr. Carr’s office is very organized! Will had a great experience with his braces and they were removed several months early because we used the Sure Smile system. Thank you to Dr. Carr and all of the staff who work there.
Lafayette, IN | Jul 01, 2016
I recommend Dr. Carr! Dr. Carr and his staff are upbeat and positive and make your visit as smooth as they can. My child loves going in for her checkups and talking to the staff!
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Does your child have trouble in school? Do they snore?

Many bright children experiencing behavioral problems and difficulty in school may have sleep disorders caused by airway issues. Only a sleep doctor can diagnose problems such as pediatric sleep apnea, but when the airway on a child is small it can result in sleep apnea and poor sleep. The airway size can often be improved with expansion of the dental arches allowing the tongue to posture forward and open the airway in the pharynx and improve sleep.

Dr. Carr’s ultra low dose 3D scanner will allow him to visualize many hidden problems including an airway analysis in just seconds. Combining this technology with Dr. Carr’s 25 years of experience you will know if your child needs early intervention or can wait until adolescence for a single treatment with braces.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have their first orthodontic exam by age 7. Our ultra low dose 3D scanner allows us to do an airway analysis for your child  in conjunction with our examination.

Over the past three years a quiet revolution of digital technology has been changing the way orthodontists diagnose and treat orthodontic patients.

ICAT flex is an ultra-low dose three dimensional dental scan. I am able to obtain a 3D image of a patient with less radiation than a single digital panorex radiograph. Often, I can get the image I need with the same exposure that comes from bitewing films (the ones you bite on and get every six months at the dentist). This 3D image offers me insights and views that were previously unobtainable.

Suresmile is an amazing technology that combines a low dose 3D dental scan with a 3D intraoral video (in the mouth) of the teeth. I get back a dynamic model of the patient’s jaws, teeth, roots and facial photo. This model allows me to design and simulate the final result including smile design. I can move each individual tooth to its desired final position. When I have the plan finished (all of the teeth positioned where I want them), a computer algorithm calculates the complex bends required to achieve the goal and then soft memory shape wires are bent by a robot to micron precision to achieve these goals. This technology not only speeds up your treatment, but offers more precise results. I am constantly impressed with the additional information I learn about each patient’s case when I am customizing their treatment plan. Suresmile allows me to offer my patients treatment that was not possible before using traditional orthodontics.

Anatamodel is another product that lets me use my 3D scan to model complex problems before I make treatment decisions. It is a fantastic communication tool for patients, parents, and fellow dentists.

3D digital intraoral scanner. Our intraoral scanner takes a 3D video of your teeth (like a digital impression) with superb accuracy. This data is combined with our 3D scan in suresmile to obtain the most accurate results. It can also be used to make orthodontic appliances.

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